Tuesday, March 16, 2010

lamb update

Here are a few photos of the lambs (in order of their birth.) to date as of yesterday afternoon/last night.  There was another little ram lamb born to one of the lincolns this morning. I didn't have the camera with me, this morning before work, there is a good chance she will have had another one by the time we get home (last years those big girls has triplets)
Malia, Living in the house for at least a few days on a bottle.  It doesn't seem like she's going to make it.  She's so much smaller than the other lambs, and still pretty wobbly on her feet.

Laura, Looking pretty much the same. Her interests include, napping eating, and laying on top of her mom's back.

Leah-also looks the same, only with a greasy face.  These girls will prob get to go outside today or tomorrow, and really start to jump around in the sunshine (when the sun shines again)

meat 1,  Likes to sleep.  Seems like he can sleep standing up.

Eva.  The first of the jacobs.  here's a right and left view so you can get a good idea of what her markings look like.  I think she's going to be a 2 horn, but can't quite feel those horn bumps yet. 

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  1. Those are some pretty good names you got going on there!! I'm honored?!