Sunday, March 14, 2010

another new lamb.

Just in from the barn about 15 min. ago.  Echo (a jacob) Just had her baby.  She may be in the barn having her twin now... but didn't look big enough to have 2 in there.  These photos might be gross for some people, but we consider ourselves lucky, to get to see something like this everynow and then. oh and best of all...a ewe lamb.
The whole thing realy only took about 10 minutes.  Any guesses how many babies will be out there in the morning?
p.s. We've decided to bottle feed malia.  She's still teenytiny, and really not getting much milk at all. Michelle still seems to want nothing to do with her.


  1. Great pictures - and a nice lamb!

  2. Wow! I would show these to everyone in my hostel but they are trying to eat. Super pictures, get National Geographic on the horn!

  3. Good luck, Malia!! I hope you make it!