Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here's what the turkey hen looks like when she's not under a clothes basket.
And a tom that is happy when she's not.
Here's what they look like when they've just gone to bed.
They have to share this bed with a whole bunch of banties. 
On nights when it rains, they prefer the comforts of a more traditional chicken coop...otherwise the apple tree is good enough. added to the list of chores...prune apple tree.
The geese have definately started breeding.  Anyday now there should be eggs waiting for us out there.
The chickens (big stock and banties) have also started  to gear up with their egg production.mmm.


  1. I really like those tree roosting pics. You should have pruned your apple trees in February. Not that we did...Pete just did ours last weekend.

  2. any month with an "r" for pruning, right.?