Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lambing has begun...finally.

With spring has come lambing time.  Monday 3/28/11 we came home from work to find twin rams, both healthy and vigorous.  Those ears are crazy, you can definitely see the Blue-faced Leicester influence.  We used Carter, our BFL ram on our longwool flock this year.  Carter came from Potosi Sheep Farm in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

And then on Wednesday 3/30/11 Michelle(the dark one in the photo above)had triplets.  She had a single last year, Malia.  Michelle had been a yearling when she had Malia and didnt know what to do with her.  This year she is an attentive mother.  But alas, the weakest triplet did not make it despite our efforts.  I prefer that the ewe's not have lambs when they are so young, but Michelle had different plans...her hormones drove her to find a way to get with a ram.  And as a cautionary tale, it didnt work out so well for the lamb.


  1. BABIES!! I hope they are bouncing!

  2. Those guys are all legs!

  3. Dusti!!!!!! I'm so glad to find you somewhere online. Often wondered where the wind took you and what you have been up to. This all looks awesome. It makes me want to visit and see how you do all this homesteading stuff. Anyhow, hope you are well.

    Jen (Winkler) Helsel