Wednesday, February 9, 2011



This winter has felt as though it might never end.  In which case I welcome the yuki-onna.  Take me now if there will not be another warm day.    I am assured that spring will come.  It is always in the darkness of February that my patience for cold and snow becomes short.  We have neglected the blog in our discontent.   I hope that I will be more inspired as the coming weeks approach.  Sleeping bulbs will awaken and new blooms will nod in the breeze of early spring very soon.  Bouncing, spotted lambs will delight with their acrobatics and fuzzy, fragile chicks will peek out from under ruffled hens soon.  I cant wait for the scent of freshly tilled earth and the light smell of apple blossoms.  I would be happy right now to feel the sun on my face. If only for a few moments.  Soon.


  1. As your Spring comes much sooner than ours, I will count on your renewing your dedication to posting. Maybe pictures of the lambs and a redbud or two will carry me through until Spring comes to Wisconsin.

  2. Stay tuned Maren, red buds, dogwoods, and apple blossoms are almost here.