Monday, April 5, 2010


Yesterday we sorted out the pigs and finally got a birthing unit set up for Darry Faye, as she's about to burst with piglets any second.  She'll get her own post about that.  But here's a quick shot of what the pigs are up to now.  If Denise (above) turns out to not be pregnant we plan to have a big pig roast sometime in july, and she will be the big ticket item on the menu. She is a good looking pig, but I don't like her attitude she is so high strung and never calms down.  I can't tolerate a screaming pig.  Nothing else in the barnyard (except maybe Maren) talks this much.  Mocabee creek will be much quieter (and well-fed) without her.
Pam, the boar is pushing 6 feet long now.  I've had mixed reviews whether to slaughter him for meat or not.  We've decided to put him up for sale as a breeding boar first to see if there are any takers.  He was born last Feb. So he's ripe and ready to be a breeder, just somewhere else.  Three adult pigs eat a lot, and There's really no need for this many.   Anyone looking for a purebred hereford Hog as a sire for their sows, let us know

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