Monday, April 5, 2010

The geese are laying

At last count there were 6 eggs in the goose house, and 2 more that I took into the house.  The two geese in the photo above came from the swap days in Lucasville OH (which is this weekend BTW) last year as goslings.  They used to follow me around the yard and use me as their personal jungle gym.  Now whenever they see me without corn in a bucket they hiss at me and just run away.  It is easy to tell by this photo the sexes of these geese, Look at the back of the white one's head.  Feathers missing is a pretty good sign that some breeding is more than likely going on.
It's sort of dark in there, But you can see at least one of the geese will hatch off her babies in this nest. Nest boxes for all the birds are high on the priority list for the next couple of weeks, as we have divided up breeding groups.  Purebreed eggs will be available for hatching in the next week or so.

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