Thursday, April 22, 2010

more piglet photos.

The piglets are all doing well.  They've all survived some pretty cool nights since they were born.  It's interesting to see how differently each one is built, and personality traits are already becoming clear.  It's probably too soon to be choosing which will be keepers, and which will be sold.  I'm sort of fond of this little girl on the left (with the white diamond on her head).  In case anyone is wondering, Darryl Faye, the mother of these pigs is a cross breed, prob duroc, and tamworth in her pedigree-and she was bred to a purebred Hereford boar.
There's the little girl I'm thinking of keeping (Ermine) and we'll prob keep the spotted boy to the right, just because he's different.  He's also one of the longest pigs in the litter.
And I wanted to include this photo where you can see all ten piglets... including the runt on the top of the pile.


  1. Do they bounce like lambs? They are really adorable. You should dress them up and make a calendar before you sell them. Pigs on Parade or something.

  2. They don't really bounce yet. Infact pigs seem to really like having all four feet on the ground. They scream when lifted up. I wish i had some mini-sunglasses.

  3. Oh dear, it doesn't get any cuter than that!