Tuesday, March 30, 2010

painted rock animals.

These two ewes came from a trip we took to Painted Rock in W.Virginia.  The top two photos are of Maren, She never shuts up.  The loudest Ewe in the flock of jacobs, it's a good thing she has such a pretty face.  The bottom photo is of Marilyn.  She's kind of funny looking, the way her horns turn forward, but something about her just stuck out about her that made her seem like something we wanted.  I was intially attracted to her legs, I guess.  We were making the trip to pick up a ram anyway, so what's another ewe.  Both of these girls were born last year, so there is a very good possibility that neither of them is bred.  Both of these ewes has EXCEPTIONALLY nice wool.


  1. She never shuts up? But you don't like her legs? Poor Maren. A pretty face helps, but is such a weak compliment, isn't it? You should show her some love.

  2. No... I like maren's leg just fine, despite the fact that she never shuts up. Marilyn's legs are the ones I like.
    as far as faces go... I'll let you be the judge.