Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The lovely Oreo

I have shared photos of Oreo and her lamb Springerle a little bit ago, but just wanted to post this photo of Oreo.  She's a really sweet sheep and doesn't give us any trouble.  Oreo came from Georgia, from Patchwork Farm. You can see photos of Oreo's mother (Macaroon here).
Linda and Dave have some beautiful Jacob sheep, and we consider ourselves lucky to have one of their animals.  Maybe she'll be sheared after this weekend.


  1. Actually Macaroon is Oreo's mother :-). Nicolette is her 1/2 sister. Martha is her grandmother and RubyBelle is her great grandmother. She's turned out nicely and I'm so happy she went to you!

  2. I just knew I should have looked at her paperwork before posting that. Thanks for the corrections.

  3. Have you bred any of your Jacobs to the BFL ram? I'd be interested in what a Jacob mule would be like.