Monday, July 25, 2011

Dogwood the donkey

Dogwood was born this spring when the dogwoods were blooming.   He was born on Easter Sunday.   Here's a then and now study.

Kenya and Rudy

Kenya had a bull calf this year in April.   He's growing like a weed.

Here he is a few days ago, and of course Gert is a camera hog.  She loves any attention.

Barnyard Zombies


Audrey and Viola

New additions to the farm this spring are Nubian goats.  I cant wait to try the milk from these girls when they grow up.  Right now they are chatty, needy, babies. 

Beautiful Mocabee Creek

How many is too many?

This year we have been having trouble getting someone to cut the hay.   With feed and fuel prices going through the roof, we are looking at reducing some of the flock.  But I love them all so much, who can I part with?

Gert had another bull calf

This is Gerts 3rd calf on our farm.   She always has bulls.  She's a good girl and never has any trouble birthing.  We have been getting about 4 gallons of milk a day.  Thats more than enough to provide the house with butter and milk for drinking, and cooking.   Occasionally we allow some to clabber for the pigs and chickens.  This calf is a cross of Gert, a jersey and Tank, a highland.  Hes the one behind Gert.  He's kinda small, but muscular. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lambing has begun...finally.

With spring has come lambing time.  Monday 3/28/11 we came home from work to find twin rams, both healthy and vigorous.  Those ears are crazy, you can definitely see the Blue-faced Leicester influence.  We used Carter, our BFL ram on our longwool flock this year.  Carter came from Potosi Sheep Farm in Glen Rock, Pennsylvania.

And then on Wednesday 3/30/11 Michelle(the dark one in the photo above)had triplets.  She had a single last year, Malia.  Michelle had been a yearling when she had Malia and didnt know what to do with her.  This year she is an attentive mother.  But alas, the weakest triplet did not make it despite our efforts.  I prefer that the ewe's not have lambs when they are so young, but Michelle had different plans...her hormones drove her to find a way to get with a ram.  And as a cautionary tale, it didnt work out so well for the lamb.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011



This winter has felt as though it might never end.  In which case I welcome the yuki-onna.  Take me now if there will not be another warm day.    I am assured that spring will come.  It is always in the darkness of February that my patience for cold and snow becomes short.  We have neglected the blog in our discontent.   I hope that I will be more inspired as the coming weeks approach.  Sleeping bulbs will awaken and new blooms will nod in the breeze of early spring very soon.  Bouncing, spotted lambs will delight with their acrobatics and fuzzy, fragile chicks will peek out from under ruffled hens soon.  I cant wait for the scent of freshly tilled earth and the light smell of apple blossoms.  I would be happy right now to feel the sun on my face. If only for a few moments.  Soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

bantam araucana chickens.

Rumpless, and tufted, true bantam araucanas are the breed of chicken that Rob is working with.  Here's one the of the roosters, and below is a hen that we hatched off this year. Overall, it was a very bad year for hatching eggs, everyone I know had a hard time with their incubators, and hens...