Monday, May 24, 2010

we caught a swarm!

Friday evening after work, we rushed home to hurry through chores, and put the finishing touches on housecleaning.  We had weekend company on the way, and a sinkful of dishes.  As I looked out the kitchen window- I knew there was going to be a change of plans.  I saw a be swarm of honey bees pretty close to the top of one of the apple trees.
I had to cut out about 6 pretty good sized branches just to clear a path to pull the swarm down through.  We were down to one living hive that survived the winter, and really didn't want to loose this swarm.
Rob was in the ladder and I was up in the tree hacking away at it. But we finally got it cut out and moved out of the tree.  Then rob smoked the swarm off from their branch and put the lid on the hive.  As of right now they are sucking down sugar water, and will hopefully set up homestead... free bees- can't get any better than that.


  1. He needs his own show, right, Alycia!?!? I would definitely watch that.

    And, nice job getting the swarm!

  2. I loved looking at your blog today! Looks so much like our place. Free bees are the best!