Sunday, May 2, 2010

our first human

I've never mentioned to most of you that we are also raising humans.  We bought this breeding pair from two strong bloodlines in Rowan Co.  They had their first  child a while back.  I never got birthing photos, because humans are very secretive.  Infact our girl human disappeared for several months, we thought for sure coyotes had gotten her and her litter,somewhere in the woods. 
Then one day we found this... a healthy, beautiful baby.
He helped us hunt for crawdads a while.
the first catch impressed him.
Then our boy human showed up to see what was going on. He said "your mother has been looking everywhere for you"
on our way to the barn, our girl human caught up to us, with the rest of her litter, so they posed for a family shot.

we love our humans.


  1. I love your humans too! So glad you are okay with girls on the farm.

  2. What a great post :-) Nice looking humans and cute little humanling.

  3. Hum.....

    That better be Rob's comment about the cutest baby ever or you've got some explaining to do Dustin!!!

    Love ya,