Thursday, May 6, 2010

the flood.

Most of these photos were taken before dark, at that point the water up past the creek bank was about knee deep.  As a point of reference the creek bed is about 4-6 feet below the top of its banks.  The water continued to fall, so I have no idea how high it actually got.  We had to carry several sheep to the barn as the water was too deep for them to walk through.
There was so much water, even the moles had nowhere to go, I found this little guy in the driveway
The day after... good thing we got the pigs moved up to the barn.
pulled the fence posts right out of the ground
The sheep took advantage of the newly downed fence as a fort of sorts.  We made it through the storm much better than downtown Olive Hill and Morehead. The phones are still out everywhere. It's in the 80's now, and sunny.

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