Thursday, April 8, 2010

sheep in general.

Everyone in the barnyard seems to be doing alright these days.  More shearing will take place this sunday, only 2 jacobs to go, then we'll start in on the longwools.  I love working on the jacobs because their clean legs make some of the more finicky shearing noneexistant.  Seems like the Lincolns esp have wool coming out of every inch of their body and if it doesn't all come off they just look scrappy.  This is only our second year shearing and we are definately still learing, but above you can see a photo of Oreo, with springerle in the front and Maisies boy on the right. 
I love this photo of Maisie's boy getting a drink.  Look at that form.
Springerle on the other hand has decided to go ahead and try to eat some hay.  It is true that Jacobs seem to get by on more scrubby hay than other sheep, but I think a lamb with a stick in her mouth may be pushing it.  More than likely this photo acts as Springerle's protest piece!  Green pastures are just ahead girls, give us just a couple more weeks to grow... (and get some fences patched).
meat #2, a teeswater X Lincoln doesn't care about eating milk or hay.  The teeswater boys are already so big, they don't even seem to care about playing with the other lambs.  Eating and napping is all they are interested in at this point.  We'll shear this beast of a mother this weekend, and she'll probably be much more comfortable, especially in these 80degree spring days we've been having.

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