Friday, April 9, 2010

The scottish highlands.

Tank, the future herd sire to all our cows, still seems tiny to me.  He's really pushy with the other cows and acts like a bull. Maybe he'll have a growth sput soon. 
Blondie was supposedly bred, and should be due to calve next month, if all the math and number work out correctly.  She looked pregnant last month, but now I'm not so sure. This girl is a bit high strung for our taste, so her future here might be uncertain.  After she has a calf, we'll reevaluate her pros and cons.
The cows, except for Gert the jersey, have all been on green pasture basically since the snow was over.  They have had access to plenty of hay as well- to try to prevent some bloating.  So far, we've been dealing with a little runnier than ideal droppings, but no sign of major grass sickness. You can see in this photo that Blondie has a dirty back side, but with hair like that back there, it's to be expected.  The cow patties are thickening up though, and spring seems to be going full throttle.

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