Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ram lamb...surprise!

Shortly after the sheep were let out to pasture last night, we went out into the field to get the cow-for her grain.  On the way we noticed this lincoln ewe in labor and ready to drop a lamb.  I ran nearly a mile to get the camera, to share more birth photos! 
The head and front feet
A healthy large single ram lamb. Born in the rain, this ewe took nibbles of grass between licks on her baby. I took a great shot of the placenta bubble exploding, but decided to spare everyone that detail.
One of the teeswater ram lambs (born a few weeks ago), came over to check out the lamb.  He's up on his feet now and nursing, in from the rain.
ewes-5 rams-8


  1. I just spent a good half hour enjoying your blog. I love your farm and am so jealous of all your beautiful animals! Congrats on all the babies!

  2. So great! My mom came to tell me to check the new baby out. Look out for the Kohlers in Kentucky!