Monday, April 19, 2010

piglets!!!! (photo heavy)

Finally this weekend Darryl Faye had her piglets.  She went into labor Sat. morning.  When I got back to the farm from town, She was laying down and ready.  I stayed with her about an hour.  Rob came down to the pig pen and hand fed her strawberries, minutes later the piglets started squirting out.  I was a nervous wreck that she was going to roll on them all and kill them, but she's turned out to be a good mother.  The whole birthing process took 20 minutes.  She had nine by the time it was dark.  But when we all got up and moving on Sunday morning... there was another one.!  10 healthy little piglets.  One or two little runts, but they've survived their first two evenings...we even had a frost the last couple nights.
here are the photos more or less in order.  pic heavy, and prob. considered graphic to some...

there's a snout...

already napping.


  1. Ahhhh babies! what happens to their cords? does mama eat the placenta?

  2. The cords just sort of break off and the bleeding stops on it's own. Darryl Faye did not eat her placenta. It was made available to her on a bed a hay, but she was not interested.

  3. One of those photos looks like a sausage extruder. mmmm pork sausage.

  4. too cute!!! Yay..this made my day!

  5. That was great! Would it be rude to show this to a pregnant lady and tell her it could be like this?