Friday, April 16, 2010

c'mon pigs.

We posted Pam, the boar, up on craigslist last week, and someone actually called about him last night.  Hopefully this sat, we'll load this big guy up on a trailer and go out to eat to celebrate.  So long pam, and his hams.
Darryl-Faye still hasn't delivered piglets, but her weight has shifted dramatically lower, and her back end continues to get larger.
This morning, when I went out to check if she'd had them yet... I found she had pushed her way through two pens to get in with Denise.  After setting her up with a great house to have her babies in, she still seeks the company of loud-mouth Denise.  When we first got Denise, she hadn't been weaned long, Darryl Faye was only about 6 months. The fact that there wasn't any milk coming from DF didn't stop Denise from trying to suckle.  We'll have to get DF out of there before the babies are born, or I'm afraid Denise will try it again.

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