Monday, March 22, 2010

weekend update...

Friday night. The neighborly Mr. H.  had his plow on and came down to plow up the garden.  AWESOME!  Looks like maybe we forgot to dig up a row of potatoes from last year... ooops.
Then all day Sat. Mr. H came by all day to hang out, make fun of me,and basically build a pig pen for us for Darryl faye, as she is due to have piglets in a few weeks. 
This way through the barn, for all the babies...and everyother creature.
Down to one live hive.  We've gone into the last 2 winters with 3 hives each, and only made it out with one alive each time... maybe this year will be better.
Malia comes out of the house when she wants to to watch us do chores... otherwise she's still in the house, hopefully only for another day or two.  She's still smaller than a newborn jacob, which is about half the size she should be.  She seems alert, and active though.  Polly the chihuahua hates the fact that her territory has been invaded, and that she is no longer receiving 100% of the attention.
Nice sunny weather to lay around and watch you mom, aunts, and granmothers eat their hearts out. It was nice to be outside in a T-shirt.
Here's Kendall White.  I predict she'll have had her baby today while we were at work... We'll see.  She is one our top fav. ewes, and NFS No Matter What.

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