Friday, March 12, 2010


Last night when we got home the clothes basket was moving around on it's own as if haunted.  Upon closer inspection, it because clear that one of the turkey hens had somehow managed to get trapped under it, and couldn't figure out how to get free.  Of course another theory is, because it is finally spring, and her big tom boyfriend is ready to breed... she was seeking protection from his advances.  Sorry buddy, maybe she's just not that into you.   It was pretty funny to see that basket walking around the yard. I'm just glad it's warm enough to acutally use the clothesline again. 

No news to report about the lambs.  Malia is still being very lazy about getting up on her own.  If she is up and standing she can get along fine, but if she falls in the wrong position she has trouble getting up.  The twins are fine and about ready to get outside and start bouncing around the barnyard.  Hopefully more than one of these beasts will be sheared this weekend.

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