Thursday, March 25, 2010

lambs yesterday...

There haven't been any new lambs.  But I was able to take a couple photos of the babies out in the drylot playing around. 
Here's Eva (echo's baby) and Laura.  laura was a twin, but in this photo you can see just how much bigger the longwools are than the Jacobs. The jacobs seem to have a lot more personality than the longwools.  At the end of the day, though, a lamb is a lamb, and there is going to a lot of bouncing and racing around the barnyard.
You can see Alice's son up there in the right corner, Looking like his front end hasn't quite told the back end where it's headed. Eva in the front, and the first ram out of the Teeswaters for this year.

Here's a group shot.  Laura and Leah, the Teeswater lambs in the front.  Michelle (freshly sheared) on the right.  The two back left are mule sheep born last year out of a lincoln longwool crossed to our BFL ram, Blarney.  These girls- Dave, and Ashley were born about the same time as Michelle.  It's up in the air whether or not these girls were bred. They don't look pregnant, but once we get them sheared, it may become a little more clear.

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