Wednesday, March 10, 2010

first lamb 2010

Yesterday it finally happened.  Upon opening the barn door to begin chores....  The sound of the first Teeswater lamb of the season. We knew it could happen at any moment. A black ewe (Malia) born to a yearling ewe (Michelle).  It was our intentions to hold back the yearling ewes this year from breeding, to allow them to mature a little, but Davy the donkey ruined that plan.  Michelle seems completely uninterested in her offspring.  The lamb is getting stronger, learning to walk around, and definately has a good suckling instinct. We've decided to hold Michelle in place to allow the baby to nurse on it's own, and hope that a mother-daughter bond will eventually happen.  If it doesn't, the bottle and milk replacer are ready to go, but we'd rather not have to deal with all that.  This morning there were two more Teeswaters (both ewes) in the barn, but I didnt' have enough time to get photos of them before we had to leave for work.  The jacobs should start lambing anyday now too.  stay tuned...


  1. How is this Davy´s fault? These lambs aren´t part donkey are they? What do you call that, besides a mess? See you soon, with a milking bottle in my hand!

  2. Davy the donkey broke down the fence separating the young sheep from the ram and his breeding ewes. He's bad.

  3. He's bad like Maggie....
    This baby is soooo cute I could take it for my own.