Monday, September 7, 2009


Another piglet has found her way to Mocabee creek.  Denise had to travel a couple hour drive, and looked pretty rough her first night here.  She's taken up with Darryl Faye quickly, they eat, sleep, and just hang out together.    She's in these photos with the boar,  trying to steal a nibble of slimy corny-milk-apples.  She's done nothing this weekend but take naps in the labor day sunshine...   Best guess is that Denise is a hampshire/yorkshire cross,  usually called a blue-butt.  My mouth is still watering a couple weeks later, after the neighbors had us up for some breakfast sausage made by a man just a few miles down the road.  As soon and Denise and Darryl Faye have some babies big enough to eat, it'll be sausage everday, until we're sick of it.  I know I've been going on and on about this sausage, but I'm telling you, its so good it has the power to turn mere vegans into carnivores.!!!

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