Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New life

This is Gertie,

And her new baby boy...Frank.

I am continually reminded that life is always renewing. As one dies so too another begins its life. We have had a couple of losses this spring, but yesterday our Jersey milk cow Gertie had a healthy bull calf. She is such a good mom. She delivered about 330pm and by 5p had the little fellow cleaned up and ready to nurse. Of course she chose the furthest point of the pasture to have him. It made for a long walk to the barn. Now what to do with all that milk?


  1. Raw milk! Raw cheese! Raw soap! Don't pasteurize a thing!

  2. Congratulations on the healthy new boy!

  3. yo D....hope u are well in ky...congrats on the new arrival .. tripped over yr blog while reading ak's blog from chile sa...mrs k and i are enjoying life on the monterey peninsula and it wld be fun to have u come out and visit us...regards bk aka ak's padre

  4. I just miss hearing your stories so much. It makes me smile when I read these. I feel like I know them all................. : )
    Love you

  5. stopped from homesteading today/nice blog and pics.jamie/aka maleman