Friday, May 15, 2009

Late lambing surprises

We had thought lambing to be over. We sheared the last teeswater percent ewe. And she was still pregnant. I was very relieved, because early in this lambing season, we found a still born single and just thought it was hers, but looks like she was saving the best for last.

Here is close up of the white ewe lamb....she's so cute. And a little bit dirty.

Also, a yearling jacob ewe surprised us with the seventh Jacob ram lamb this year. It definately was the year of the ram for the Jacobs. We only had one Jacob ewe this year. This yearling showed no signs of being pregnant. Her bag was so small I wasnt sure if she could feed her lamb. At first she acted confused about this little thing. But eventually she got the idea.

He sure is a cutie, with those panda eye patches.

We still have two more Jacob yearlings that havent lambed. Their bags are not showing, but I see now that doesnt necessarily mean they are not pregnant. Im crossing my finger for ewe lambs from the last two.

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