Thursday, April 30, 2009

tiny triplets.

One night about a month ago while herding the girls in to the barn for a lick on the mineral block, we noticed this lincoln longwool, bred to a blue-faced leicester, ewe's water had broken. She'd been as big as a barn for at least a month prior, and we just knew she would throw triplets. She let us stay in the barn stall with her and watch the "whole thing go down". This old girl delivered three babies inside 45 minutes with no trouble whatsoever. I think I've been able to put these photos roughly in order to give you a sense of a play-by-play. Some of them are kind of gross, so if you havn't eaten lunch yet, or you have a tendency to feel queasy, look upon the following with caution...


  1. Nice! I'm so glad you shared these. It just made my day!

  2. I hope my labor is that quick!