Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Post

Howdy out there from the scenic hills of eastern Kentucky in the Heart of Appalachia. We are Mocabee Mills Farm. We specialize in registered Jacob (JSBA) and Teeswater Sheep. These are heritage and old world sheep breeds. As a first post we want to show some of our spring lamb crop for 2009. Here are a few Jacob ram lambs born in March. All are for sale. Please email for further information.

Sheri's 4Horn blk/white ram lamb

Nymphadora's 2Horn blk/white ram--Nice wool!

Maisie's 4Horn blk/white ram--blue eye's

Echo's 2H blk/white ram--cute panda eye patches

Alice's 2H blk/white ram--Big ram lamb! Very Nice wool!